Self Select Media

Specialists in getting your publication to your target market


We have over 25 years experience in newspaper and magazine logistics


Our network of displays ensure that your publication stands out from the crowd


Our bespoke in-house built systems & apps provide you with real time proof of delivery, giving you confidence in our service.

Supermarket Distribution

We offer publishers a controlled fully quantifiable media distribution route to market. Via a network of multi product displays placed within high footfall retail outlets, and targeted miscellaneous distribution points across the North and South Costa Blanca region.

Every free copy is taken by conscious choice by discerning shoppers from a range of free titles which helps to deliver good quality response to advertisers.


With a growing database of over 6000 sites we have the knowledge to make sure your publications reach your target market.

We can provide you with a targeted circulation plan via our unique distribution network making sure that you reach the right target audience and increase your brand awareness with your campaigns. Let us know your target demographic and geography and we will do the rest making sure that you get your media into the right hands with a bespoke, quantifiable, cost effective solution.

Proof of delivery

Using the latest mobile technology our bespoke distribution system gives our customers confidence that every copy is delivered. Time stamped photo's and signatures are provided for every delivery all backed up by GPS data.

Over 25 years experience

We do the hard work for you with a proven track record.

Clients include the Weekly Post, CBZ, Olive press and Eat Drink & More magazine who are constantly growing and developing their free titles with full confidence in their distribution via the Self Select proof of delivery POD systems.

Detailed reporting

Throughout your distribution detailed reports are available. With photos, signatures, copies delivered and time stamps.

Our detailed spread sheet reports allow us to spot trends and manage your copies efficiently.

Making every copy count.