Get your leaflets into your customers hands. We can handle it all from design to distribution!


Competitive print prices


Professional Design service


Targeted Distribution

Competitive print prices

Printing is included in all our leaflet distribution packages.

We can also distribute your own leaflets if you have them already printed.

If you simply want leaflets printing, Self Select Media work with an extensive network of printers. We may be able to get leaflets printed cheaper than your current supplier.

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Professional Graphic Design Services

Our team of professional designers have experience in designing 100’s of leaflets. Design is included in our leaflet distribution packages.

We also have vast experience in designing local newspapers, voucher books and high end glossy magazines.

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Postbox Deliveries

We have a growing database of over 35,000 postboxes. Allowing you to target your distribution by region, town, drive time or radius.

Let our specialist SSM management team advise and select from larger geographical mass coverage to micro localized targeting with realistic travel times based around your business requirements and customer reach.

Supermarket Distribution

Every copy taken by personal choice.

SSM offers publishers and advertisers a controlled fully quantifiable media distribution route to market. Via a network of leaflet displays placed within high footfall retail outlets, and targeted miscellaneous distribution points across the North and South Costa Blanca region.

Detailed reporting

Throughout your distribution detailed reports are available. With photos, signatures, copies delivered and time stamps.

Giving you total confidence in our distribution.

Case Study - Telitec Communications

Telitec Communications utilized our hyperlocal package to distribute a promotional leaflet about a Calpe specific offer.

Watch the video to see how it went!